Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Mission

Hello world wide web!

This is my first shot at this, but unlike most initial posts, I'm not going to apologize.  I could say something like "I'm new to this so bear with me.. this site is under construction...etc..".  Instead I am going to say "This is going to be the best thing you have ever read, and you are BLESSED for landing here!"

The story starts about five years ago.  I have been working for myself in one way or another now for about five years.  I didn't start working for myself because of a grand dream or because I was stubborn.  It really was a number of factors.

  • I'm mentally ill.  Yeah, I said it.  I'm not capable of holding a job.  The longest I ever held a job was 5 years, I think I was rehired 6 times in that period.  It's not something I am good at, I lack discipline and my brain works in mysterious ways.  I'm not going to go into diagnosis or anything like that because the fact is, the whole field of mental health is a sham.  There is not one single lab test they can do to confirm that anyone has anything when it comes to your brain.  I'm not saying of course that there aren't some really wacked out crazy people out there.  Because there are.  I'm just saying the whole field of psychiatry is full of it.  They consistently meet each year to make up new things to give you new pills for.  It's all a big fat lie.  A big fat money hungry lie!  I was at the doctors the other day and say they have a new pill for "shift-work disorder"... Are you tried because you work from 12am - 7am every day? oh we have a pill for that, you obviously have "shift-work disorder"... really... come on man, what kind of bull____ is that?.  My grandfather would have called it "working late at night and I'm tired disorder" .. seriously.  How can anyone take that seriously?  If you agree with that diagnosis, then you suffer from "I'm a total idiot disorder"...
  • There was a recession going on and a very limited amount of work available.
  • I'm getting older and I have worked in food service most of my life.  I have done other things too, but food service is where I have the most experience.  Needless to say when I was 18 I could land a job like no other.  Economy was hot, and too... was HOT!  Now.. ahh who wants a middle aged waiter going through a pre-mid life crisis waiting on them?
So.. as a result of these things, I started working for myself.  I have actually had the following types of businesses in my life:

Children's Entertainment / Balloon Artist (this is the one I made the most money with)
Reselling Flea Markets
Small Engine Repair
Home repair and remodeling
and what I do now which is what I plan to share with you in the following posts!
I actually am on the brink of being successful again, I'm close to making enough money to support myself.  I am really excited about that.  I hope to share some of my secrets and things I have found along the way to get you going at working from home.  It's a tough road, but it can be traveled.

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