Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blog update

OK I spent some more time on the blog this evening, and I came up with the beginning of a "products" page, where I will have all my products listed in one place.   I also got my code together for the buttons needed to make a shopping cart and easily checkout with that cart.

It's nice because it allows you to update the qty and things like that right there in real time, and the cart itself is actually handled by paypal, which is where my account is anyway.

The most important thing to understand about this whole process is that now, with the site, I am completely free of "eBay" and any sales I do here, will not be subject to that 10% fee (+2.5% for payPal).  This is a wonderful thing.  I can use my distributors, etc.. just like I always would.  Also because it's not processed by eBay, paypal will not hold any of the funds.  Which allows the money to be free to place orders with the distributors, etc.. I plan to REALLY get a bunch of products into this product page.  Using my main dropshipper he has an abundance of "overstocked" items, like harvesters, cultivators, lawn mowers, etc..

the problem is his inventory is constantly changing, and he doesn't have an inventory feed.  So this is going to be a lot of baby sitting, but seeing that it is my first venture into this, and I will have the time to devote. I might as well give this a shot.  I am going to next do some research on my "ocean solution" affiliation which I picked up a few days ago, so I can get that product up on the webpage too.

That product differs because it's not a "dropship" item.  They handle the fullfillment, but it's independent of my site.  That site will handle there own cc processing, so i better keep it seperate so it's not confusing.  I get a 30% comission on anything I refer to them, so it's a win-win situation for both of us.

This is what I keep trying to teach everyone that reads this.  Dropshippers and affiliate programs exist out there, however you have to do the research and contact people on your own.

Anyone charging you to "dropship" is a huge red flag.  Also buying premade lists can be beneficial for brainstorming and such, however if you already know what products you want to carry, then don't bother, get out the phone book and google and start looking for the places.  Call them, explain to them what you are doing, and see what they say.  If they say "yes we DropShip" or "Bond Ship" then your in there and you can start building your page.  If they don't then you have to move on and find someone else who does.

They are out there, remember I told you that this isn't easy!  Everyone is trying to do it!

Here is the site as it stands right now

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