Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Backlink Experiments / Update 1/27/2015

I realize that I haven't been contributing very much to this blog as of late, so I decided that I would get this last post out tonight and bring everyone up to speed with the things I am currently working on. The gardening blog is doing well. I am currently in the process of writing some KILLER content that I can use to get backlinks.

Backlinking is a real challenge that can really occupy a large amount of your time. The process I am using right now, is to ask fellow bloggers in my niche a specific question, then I am compiling a "giant" list of answers, and everyone gets credit that participated (in form of a link) and then they will hopefully link back to me. I have scored a couple of high DA / PA links this way, right off of blogger in fact. I also scored some Wordpress.com links which are always high DA as well.

I want to let you in on a secret about backlinks that a lot of people fail to tell you. When you get a link from a site, or if you even payed for someone to run a program and generate a lot of links for you, you have to really pay attention to what you are doing. Just because they linked to your site, doesn't mean that you are necessarily going to see any benefit (or any determent either). You need to be sure when you are checking your backlinks that:
  1. Your link is indeed "dofollow"
  2. That there aren't TONS of other links on the page.
  3. That your backlink, is indexed by Google. 
That last part is very important.  That's the part they fail to tell you, especially if you are paying for links on a place like Fiverr.  You can get 40,000 links for around 10 dollars, but they are all garbage links, and 99% of them wont index, and the ones that do get index will actually hurt you.

Google Webmaster Tools Shows 12,041 Inbo by Frederick Md Publicity, on Flickr
Photo Credit:

Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  Frederick Md Publicity 

If you do choose Fiverr, you need to look for people that do pyramid building, and manual .edu and .gov sites.  They are going to give you the best results and have the best chance of getting indexed.

Another service I am using to get backlinks is through social media bookmarking.  There is a service called SocialADR that will submit your bookmarks to over 25 social media sites at once. It is really powerful because each time you submit something, it gets posted by a different user, so the bookmarks are going up all over the world in a very natural way. I currently pay for the 20.00 a month program which gives me enough credits and bookmarks to handle my small amount of websites. You may wish to purchase more if you have more sites, or if you have clients. I spoke with the customer service at SocialADR today, and they told me that the sites take about 1 month to get indexed. They said that they "ping" each url once a day, and they also use an automated indexing too. I don't know what the success rate is, but I will let you know in about a month when I can see if I either got backlinks that are dofollow from high PA and DA social bookmarking sites, or if it was a failure. I think for 20 bucks it was worth a shot to try for the backlinks. The actual traffic you receive from the bookmarks is really small.


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