Friday, January 16, 2015

The Most Twitter Followers In The World! - Free Social Media Marketing

How do we achieve the most twitter followers in the world!?!? Well we probably don't but I can give you some insights into how to build a huge twitter following, and not only will it be huge, it can be highly relevant and very free!

First and foremost I want to stress that "free" & "internet marketing" do not always go hand in hand. While there are a lot of things that you can do in internet marketing for free, it's not always the best way to go about a particular task.  I understand what being bootstrapped is, and when I first started this journey a few years ago, I did everything I could to find as many free options as possible.

The Most Twitter Followers in The World
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I am going to share with you my experience with Twitter, because this is actually one of the internet marketing social media strategies that can absolutely increase your exposure exponentially, and what's even more important, is that this is one of the rare marketing opportunities that is actually free.

There is software that exists for twitter that will allow you to do different things.  Some of them automatically reply to people that follow you.  Others will automatically follow people that follow you, and there are also programs that will tell you all the people you follow, that don't follow you.  All these things are useful, but most of them require that you pay a subscription fee.  In my marketing company there are programs that we do pay for, however for the interest of staying free, I am only going to talk about using Twitter directly with no extra programs, so that you can accomplish these goals 100% free.

The Most Twitter Followers In The World - Step By Step

The first thing you need to do is set up an account with twitter.   Make sure that your nickname and your information all follows the website that you are going to promote.  We recommend having one twitter account for every website you plan to promote.  This will allow you to brand the twitter account to match the website, and will allow you to directly contact twitter followers with the intention of providing outstanding customer service in return for value.

Twitter is all about the relationships that you build.  I am going to give you a few steps here to get the ball rolling:

The Most Twitter Followers In The World, Twitter Logos
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  1. Create a branded twitter account to promote one and only one website.
  2. Search for people, brands and companies that are directly related to your niche (for example if you are in the marketing / building a Wordpress niche, you could go to @patflynn because he is a dominant player in that market).
  3. Click on his/her/their followers.  Starting at the very top of the list (which will be the most recent to follow him/her), start following all the people down the list.  The great thing about twitter is that you don't have to know someone to follow them.  These people are already pre-screened to want information about niche marketing.  
  4. Be sure to greet and open a dialogue with all the people that start following you back.
  5. Tweet at regular intervals throughout the day, providing links to your site, links to relevant sites in your niche, and you can also use famous quotes.  This will establish credibility and give your users value.
Remember that your goal with twitter is to find profitable customers.  So by going to a person in your niche that is an authority, and following the most recent followers of that person, you are picking people to follow that you already know are interested in your niche.  As you follow these people, there will be people that follow you back by default.  Remember to greet everyone that follows you back.

Don't start the conversation with an immediate sales pitch for your website.  Your first message should include 0 links. That is just silly, and spammy at best.  Remember that these are real people, and even though they are potential customers, you want to establish a friendship with these people first.

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Your first goal is 100 followers.  You don't want them to be just blind followers, you want 100 people that you have had discussions with.  You have used these 100 people to establish credibility and also to obtain value from them in the form of defining what their wants are.  This information is priceless.

Once you have 100 followers, continue to follow people by finding them on relevant accounts to your niche.  Sometimes you have to think outside of the box a little bit to determine where to follow.  I have a client that sells high end items for dogs.  These items are by no means a staple, and are strictly discretionary to the consumer.  The majority of the clients are in the upper income brackets in the United States.

One place we found people to follow, were people that followed "Doggy Day Care / Spa" business. We knew if the person had enough discretionary income to send their dog to one of these expensive day cares, that they had more than enough money to buy my client's high end product.

That worked like a charm, and while we didn't generate a huge amount of followers, the followers that we did generate were highly targeted.

Don't be afraid to mention your competition and even share some of their information.  By doing this, you will show your followers that you want them to have great information, regardless of where it comes from, and that you are an "authority" in the niche, because you always have the best articles and quotes for reading.

Twitter Hastag Information
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Hash tags are so important that they get their own sub-heading.  When you type a tweet, you can insert a hash tag into the tweet that will allow anyone who is searching that hash tag to see your tweet. For example #internetmarketing is a popular hash tag that gets searched for all the time.  You can use this to your advantage and get your tweets out in front of more people that don't necessarily follow you yet.  This feature is what makes twitter so incredibly powerful.  While Facebook does have hash tags, no one really uses them or searches for them.  Let me give you an example of what some of the hash tags will be for this post when I promote it.

The Most Twitter Followers In The World - Work At Home Men #internetmarketing #twitter #free #followers

I do a search for each of those hash tags before I decide to use it, just to make sure that people are actually searching for that term. You want to use tags that are currently being used, and are relevant to your niche.


You are going to want to use to make the URL of the page you are trying to promote shorter.  This is especially helpful with particularly long URL's that would greatly limit the amount of characters you have left in your tweet.  One of the things that makes twitter so effective, is that you only get a limited amount of characters that you can use, so you have to be short and sweet.

I hope this gives you a head start with twitter.  I really regret not having started using twitter years ago.  It's amazing how much you can jump start your social media campaigns with it. 

Interested in seeing the twitter account for this website?  I started this twitter account less than one month ago, You can follow me on twitter @workathomemen to receive updates about this website, updates about my competitors websites that offer truly valuable information, and famous (and not so famous) quotes that you can live your day by! I admit that I have not been pushing this account as hard as I could, but I can tell you that it is now responsible for half of my traffic.  It currently equals the amount of organic search traffic that this site generates, so if that's not proof that you can crush it with twitter, I don't know what is!